a.bout brings to the table a synergy of complementary services that are directed by an international outlook, and tailored to fit its clients.


These services are classified into five:

Branding and Strategizing:

a.bout enables brands to strategically position themselves in a competitive market, and translate their brand positioning into sharp style guidelines in both their creative and commercial activities to ensure their differentiation from their competitors.


Fashion Research:

a.bout’s strong network enables it to provide a global viewpoint that goes beyond fashion, to the fields of art, literature, culture, architecture and other inspirational zones. This wealth of intelligence is at your fingertips hence cutting down the time and cost in research and travel.


Conceptualisation and Ideation:

a.bout provides concepts and ideas in form of moodboards or proposal books that covers the entire creative spectrum of fashion: print and colour orientation, styling, ad campaign and editorials.


Trend Identification:

a.bout identifies trends in the environment, which it carefully analyses and then translates into tailored-to-fit recommendations for brands for product development in order to accelerate innovation.


Floor planning and Visual Merchandising:

a.bout believes that a store space plays an important role in communicating the codes of a brand, thus it offers advisory solutions to challenges and problems encountered in planning store spaces and displaying products.